Time Point Calculation Handbook


Welcome to the Time Point Calculation Handbook for digital billboards. This comprehensive guide provides RWA owners with the knowledge and tools they need to understand and maximize the value of their advertising time rights. By learning how to calculate and leverage time points, RWA owners can unlock new opportunities and enhance their participation in the digital billboard ecosystem.

Ownership of Advertising Time Rights

As an RWA owner, you hold the advertising time rights for digital billboards, granting you a valuable stake in the advertising landscape. Through our platform, you can connect your wallet and load your RWAs to participate in the time point calculation process. By actively engaging in this process, you contribute to the fair and equitable distribution of time points across the digital billboard network.

Locking RWAs for Time Point Calculation

When you load your RWAs into our system, they are added to the RWA pool for time point calculation. These RWAs are locked in the pool for a period of 30 days, ensuring stability and fairness in the calculation process. During this time, you may not withdraw your RWAs from the pool. This locking mechanism helps to prevent manipulation and ensures that time points are distributed accurately and transparently.

Time Point Calculation

Time points are calculated based on the time efficiency power value assigned to each zone of a digital billboard. This value reflects the importance and desirability of each zone, with higher values assigned to zones closer to the billboard 's center. To calculate your time points, simply add up the time efficiency power values for the zones covered by your RWAs. For example, if your RWAs cover Zone 1 and Zone 3, your total time points would be 3 + 1 = 4.

Collecting and Using Time Points

Once your time points are calculated, you can collect them on our website. These points represent your contribution to the digital billboard network and can be used to access exclusive rewards, participate in special promotions, or even be exchanged for cash credit within our ecosystem. By collecting and utilizing your time points effectively, you can maximize the value of your advertising time rights and enhance your overall experience as an RWA owner.