Maximizing Your RWA Time Point


Welcome to the world of RWA (Real World Asset) advertising on digital billboards. This handbook aims to equip you with a comprehensive understanding of your RWA Time Points and the diverse options at your disposal to leverage them effectively.

Chapter 1: Understanding RWA AD Time Rights

As an RWA holder, you possess the Advertising Time rights of digital billboards. It 's crucial to distinguish that this ownership entitles you to the potential earnings from digital billboards, rather than the physical billboard infrastructure itself. Your AD Time rights signify the value that can be accrued over time.

Chapter 2: Leveraging Your Options

Option 1: Collecting Time Points

In this option, you have the opportunity to accumulate your time points based on the number of RWAs in the pool for calculation.

Process: Your time points will be computed according to the aggregate number of RWAs in the pool. These time points can then be utilized for various purposes, including redemption for values or credit on other platforms.

Option 2: Top-Up Card Option (Coming Soon)

This innovative option allows you to convert your time points into HK(RD) with the added benefit of potentially receiving up to an additional 10% of time points.

Benefits: By selecting this option, you stand to gain extra time points, up to 10% of the total, which can be redeemed as HK(RD). The redemption rate will be communicated at a later date.

Chapter 3: Conclusion

As an RWA holder, you possess a valuable asset in the form of advertising time rights. This handbook serves as a guide to help you navigate the myriad options available to maximize the value of your advertising time rights. Understanding and leveraging these options will enable you to make informed decisions and unlock the full potential of your RWA holdings.