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You are able to mint the RWAs at the price of 260USDT.

Experience the thrill of the unknown! After you mint your RWA, you will have to wait for the big reveal to find out which prime location and zone you have landed. With numerous prime locations to choose from, the exact location and zone you receive will be a surprise. So, keep your fingers crossed and hope for the best!u'll receive. So, brace yourself and wish yourself the best of luck!

S2 RWA Mint

Mint Price:

260 USDT
RWA unit


260 USDT

Ownership and Profit-Sharing: By participating in our profit-sharing model, it is essential to understand that RWA holders do not acquire ownership rights to the physical assets involved. The designated asset owner retains sole ownership of the assets. However, as an RWA holder, you have the opportunity to receive profits over a duration of 8 years. These profits enable you to partake in the earnings generated by the advertisement business, providing a rewarding investment experience within the specified timeframe. Please refer to the relevant agreements for comprehensive terms and conditions regarding the profit-sharing arrangement.